A few little things you may want to know about me:

  • I love the Web because this media is exactly at the confines of technology and communication between individuals.
  • I put up a few years ago to show that the critique is never objective and is always biased through the critique’s own life. Actually this site has become what it’s always been: a personal site.
  • I founded Paris Web with Adrien and Éric.
  • I was a co-director of the Openweb Group.
  • I don’t like DIY.
  • I like things well done.
  • Some people blame me for not knowing what I like, some commend me for my eclectism.
  • I can be grumpy.
  • I love my kids, whose smiles leave me speechless (and believe me, it’s not that easy).
  • I don’t work in the Web industry anymore (a little bit in accessibility, the rest in loosely spent, and lost, time).
  • Mainly I’m a digerati, incapable of any major innovation.
  • Some call me snobbish because I’m grandiloquent, and I’ve got to have my say on everything.
  • OK, maybe I’m snobbish.
  • I love English as much as French, which accounts for much of my dandyism.
  • I had a snobbish accent in English, which does nothing to improve matters.
  • I love Sologne (a region in the centre of France).
  • I love Ireland.
  • I love Brittany.
  • I love every place where there’s good food (Ireland is a special case, there’s Guinness).
  • I love wine.
  • I love the sun.
  • I love rain, except when I’m in it.
  • I don’t like resistance to change.
  • I hate having to explain ten times the same thing to the same person.
  • I love teaching ten times the same thing to different people.
  • Most of my personal projects were coded on the train, at eight in the morning.
  • I’ve only got one working eye.
  • I’m dangerous when I drive.
  • I’m awfully talkative.
  • And even more talkative than that.
  • I was a member of’s content management group for several years.
  • I turned pompage into a spip-managed site.
  • Don’t talk to me before breakfast.
  • I don’t like answering the phone.
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