Tu as pensé à prendre du pain ?

Vous voilà chez Stéphane. Stéphane fait un peu d’accessibilité web, de temps en temps.

This is the personal site of Stéphane. Stéphane does a bit of Web accessibility, from time to time.

Des articles

  • « Personnel et confidentiel » (5 décembre 2017)

    J’ai reçu ce matin un mail perso sur ma boîte pro.

  • One month in English (30 November 2017)

    The Blogvember challenge ends today. Here are the few thoughts I gathered doing it.

  • WAI-Tools Open Meeting, 29 November 2017 (29 November 2017)

    Personal summary of the “Open Meeting” held this morning about Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments.

  • Writing an extension for Firefox (27 November 2017)

    It took me quite some time to understand the mechanisms of Web extensions in Firefox. I’m not sure I’m quite there yet but it’s a beginning.

  • Instagramification (26 November 2017)

    Yes but no, not interested.

  • Another reason why I love Firefox (25 November 2017)

    If you need another reason, here’s one: accessibility.

  • Reproduction (24 November 2017)

    My Daughter told me this joke, and why not share it, it’s Friday.

  • Friendships and respect (23 November 2017)

    A look at your relationships and how they affect the way your friends’ businesses may suffer from it.

  • Wiped (22 November 2017)

    Expectations in design, unfortunate outcomes.

  • What others know about us (21 November 2017)

    It’s good that people don’t know how you perceive them, or we’d end up jumping at each other’s throat.

Des photos

  • Poulpe en cage — vendredi dernier

  • Relever les mails au casino — 15 septembre 2017

  • Dernier jour d'août — 31 août 2017

  • Encyclopédie — 30 août 2017

  • Quand ils se croient seuls… — 29 août 2017