Tori Amos in Paris in June and I’m not going.

Tori Amos will be in Paris in June. Oh yes, I should be pleased that the diva comes to France. In a way, I am.

Yet of all concert halls she chose the Zenith. My gosh.

I saw her the last time she came, with my good friend Kidy (yes, one ’d’ only, but it’s pronounced ’kiddy’). And it was not good. I’m not blaming the singer of course, and why should I? She was as good and sexy and energetic as ever. But this concert hall had such an echo one felt as though in a covered market place.

Not good, I tell you. Maybe it’s fine for big rock bands, but it sure doesn’t go well with Tori Amos’s subtle melodies.

Thus I won’t go. I’m not happy not to go, but the acoustics are so bad that I know I’d be sad to hear that massacre again.

Could somebody tell Tori to stop going there? What I heard in the Grand Rex, for instance, was so much better. A shame, really.


  • notatorintegrist (14 June 2005)

    you’re absolutely right...
    I was at the concert monday night at The zenith and it was awful.
    It’s like waves go into the ears ....
    I will never go to the zenith in the future. I prefer in the grand rex with comfortable chair ;O) and accoustic.
    At the end of the zenith concert, the crowd went near the backstage and front of tori to see her .... really.
    And 45 euros to see her at 100 meters ... this is really not cheap !!!!

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  • Stéphane (16 June 2005, in reply to notatorintegrist)

    Yeah it’s a shame. In a way I’m happy that you confirmed I was right not to go.

    Actually the Zenith is not that bad, I’m told, especially for rock bands. I guess it’s got more to do with Tori Amos’s delicate music.

    And yes, the Grand Rex is my best memory of a concert. Ever :)

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  • Robert Sleight (16 June 2005)

    I think you are absolutely incorrect. I have now seen over 100 Tori shows and flew to Paris from San Francisco for this event. The sound was amazing and I thought the Zenith was a great venue for her and her amazing Bosendorfer. I have to say that in my opinion, this was the BEST show I have ever seen.

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  • Stéphane (16 June 2005, in reply to Robert Sleight)

    ... which shows that it’s all a matter of taste.

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  • haha (29 June 2005, in reply to Stéphane)

    yeah I was there to and I thought it was excellent the sound the zenith tori her voice her piano playing but I must admit the seating was a bit crap but still most people got to creap up front and see her close up.And besides if your a fan you wouldn’t complain

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  • Stéphane (29 June 2005, in reply to Robert Sleight)

    After a few looks around I have managed to hear some samples of the concert, and I must publicly admit that Robert was right. The concert sounds great.

    They must have learnt to tune the sounds :)

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  • Stéphane (29 June 2005, in reply to haha)

    And besides if you’re a fan you wouldn’t complain

    Why couldn’t I say that I didn’t like what I heard? Who said being a fan would obliterate all common sense?

    I was in the Zenith in 2003 (if my memory works all right), and the sound was crap. Her songs did not sound good because of the acoustics of the hall, so why should I have felt happy? I had paid my seat to hear a big reverberation/echo thing that made the songs ugly, whereas I was expecting a sensitive, private-like feeling (like in the Olympia, if you were there).

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