Tori Amos in Paris in June and I’m not going.

Tori Amos will be in Paris in June. Oh yes, I should be pleased that the diva comes to France. In a way, I am.

Yet of all concert halls she chose the Zenith. My gosh.

I saw her the last time she came, with my good friend Kidy (yes, one ’d’ only, but it’s pronounced ’kiddy’). And it was not good. I’m not blaming the singer of course, and why should I? She was as good and sexy and energetic as ever. But this concert hall had such an echo one felt as though in a covered market place.

Not good, I tell you. Maybe it’s fine for big rock bands, but it sure doesn’t go well with Tori Amos’s subtle melodies.

Thus I won’t go. I’m not happy not to go, but the acoustics are so bad that I know I’d be sad to hear that massacre again.

Could somebody tell Tori to stop going there? What I heard in the Grand Rex, for instance, was so much better. A shame, really.


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