Ten things to keep in mind while in London

Tonight I’ll be in London, and tomorrow it’s atmedia 2005. I can’t wait. But knowing myself as I do, here are ten rules I know I should abide to when I get there:

  1. Don’t show off as a French guy in the streets of London, especially when the station you arrive at is called Waterloo (France and England have a long history).
  2. Stop asking for directions every second street: start learning to read maps instead of bothering people (yes, even if you take gret pleasure in speaking english: people have lives of their own, too).
  3. Take half-pints when the English take pints. They have much more training.
  4. Don’t ever mention any referendum (for instance about, say, a European Constitution of some kind), especially after several iterations of the preceding point.
  5. Stop saying your English is poor in the hope that someone will congratulate you when you can actually hold a decent conversation.
  6. Don’t go "YESSSS" any time a speaker gives a hint that you’re already using daily. This is not a bingo, it’s a seminar.
  7. Don’t yell like a madman.
  8. Don’t do silly things: namely don’t run around like a beheaded goose (what people in your office have become used to after several years is not considered normal social interaction out of the office).
  9. Don’t act as a groupie: speakers and panelists are not rock stars.
  10. In general, don’t do anything that you’d be ashamed of if it was blogged about (300 people in this kind of event means 300 bloggers).

That’s about all I see for the moment. I think I’m ready to leave now.


  • As one of your colleagues, I have to reinforce your position: Doing the chicken amid unknow people is not being sociable.
    Forget also the quotings of Shakespeare or your terrific miming of the ’Joueurs de Biques’. You’ll be a complet fool of yourself.

    Don’t forget DeMatteis’s Brooklyn Dreams
    main advice: "Coolness is about doing nothing". So stay apart and pretend you feel at ease with all those Genius on your side. And take pictures when no one is watching.

    Seriously, they are as enthusiastic as you are. Since more than 5 years you guys are chatting together, they sure want to see what you look like. Bet they won’t be dissapointed, eheheh.

    Enjoy, old chap. See you next Tuesday. With a big smile on your face ...


    Autour des Carrefours

    Reply to Odin

  • Comments:

    rule #1: Those english bastards all have a French guy radar... not point in no showing off.

    rule #2: "people have lives of their own" <- FALSE english people read tabloids.

    rule #3: Take half-pints OF WINE... just helping you showing off. (cf rule #1)

    rule #4: Correct, you’d better talk about currency. (Euro or kinda)

    rule #5: Go for it! French accent is a key to dirty things in that island...

    rule #6: True, don’t go ’BINGOOO’ either.

    rule #7: Too bad, Steph, we all know you.

    rule #8: Goose, no, for sure! You’re more used to hen.

    rule #9: And please, PLEASE, do not dribble.

    rule #10: Yeah and they DO have tabloids.

    Reply to Marc Thierry

  • He he.



    Reply to Stéphane

  • > Poor you!Stéphane (8 June 2005, in reply to Marc Thierry)

    Hah, Marc, that’s because of you that the Chunnel took so long.

    But OK, I won’t dribble. Or try not to, anyway.

    Reply to Stéphane

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