Crawling to pubs

I hope you’re ready for the shocking news this post brings: it’s nice to hang around with nice people – there, you were warned.

I’m a couch potato, so every time friends ask me to meet in a pub in Paris my first reaction is to consider the tediousness of travelling from Parisian suburbs to inner Paris (one hour), considering if I’ll have to pay a taxi back home when it’s too late for trains, how many hours of sleep will be compromised, etc.

In the end they’re all excuses for me to hide my laziness, so when I can, I go.

And every time I spent a good time, of course, because I’m a social type although, like almost everyone I know, I was awfully shy up until well into my adult years.

I have to scrape myself off the couch with a spatula as often as possible, but it’s worth it. People help making life worth living.


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