One article per day, to see if I can keep it up for one month. For the fun of it. See Blogvember for more details.

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  • One month in English (30 November 2017)

    The Blogvember challenge ends today. Here are the few thoughts I gathered doing it.

  • WAI-Tools Open Meeting, 29 November 2017 (29 November 2017)

    Personal summary of the “Open Meeting” held this morning about Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments.

  • Writing an extension for Firefox (27 November 2017)

    It took me quite some time to understand the mechanisms of Web extensions in Firefox. I’m not sure I’m quite there yet but it’s a beginning.

  • Instagramification (26 November 2017)

    Yes but no, not interested.

  • Another reason why I love Firefox (25 November 2017)

    If you need another reason, here’s one: accessibility.

  • Reproduction (24 November 2017)

    My Daughter told me this joke, and why not share it, it’s Friday.

  • Friendships and respect (23 November 2017)

    A look at your relationships and how they affect the way your friends’ businesses may suffer from it.

  • Wiped (22 November 2017)

    Expectations in design, unfortunate outcomes.

  • What others know about us (21 November 2017)

    It’s good that people don’t know how you perceive them, or we’d end up jumping at each other’s throat.

  • Firefox 57, from a demanding user’s point of view (that’s me) (20 November 2017)

    So, here it is. The good people at Mozilla have decided to change a lot of things in Firefox 57, Quantum — like Quantum leap, clever eh?

  • There was a time… (19 November 2017)

    There was a time when computers had very small capacities, yet landed man on the Moon. And then 20 years later emerged in many homes much better computers, which in turn became the laughing stock of today’s smartphones.

  • Accepting one’s disability (18 November 2017)

    Growing up with or without a disability is always about accepting what life’s giving you.

  • Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg (16 November 2017)

    Spielberg is a gifted director, no one doubts that. And once again the film works perfectly and brings us from A to B without a hiccup.

  • Crawling to pubs (15 November 2017)

    I hope you’re ready for the shocking news this post brings: it’s nice to hang around with nice people – there, you were warned.

  • Fast typing (14 November 2017)

    Some things have to be repeated, again and again.

  • Doing interviews (13 November 2017)

    I like talking to people and learning from them. Interviews are a very good way to do just that.

  • “Enjoy it while they’re young” (12 November 2017)

    Base line: don’t listen to people (too much).

  • The Winter Guest, Alan Rickman (11 November 2017)

    Four stories told alongside, loosely connected. At first it feels like theatre brought to the screen, but soon it’s more than that.

  • Stop motion (10 November 2017)

    The Daughter had an assignment, so the Father learned a few new tricks. The normal daily life of a parent-child relationship.

  • Oh, the pain (9 November 2017)

    There is something people don’t talk much about (if ever): pain and disability.

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