Another reason why I love Firefox

If you need another reason, here’s one: accessibility.

I wrote about the new Firefox Quantum and how I still adhere to Mozilla’s values. After the desktop, I updated the Android version.

I also wrote how computers still feel slow, and one of the reasons for it is feature creep and technical evolutions. Most of the time you add code, so you need more memory, so things slow down bit by bit, I guess.

But with Firefox, against all odds, this last update is faster. Since I always update Firefox on my Android for security reasons, I only had to wait a few days and do it. On mobile too, it looks faster. Congratulations, Firefox teams!

Also, after this one-post-a-day month, I intended to do an extension for Firefox for Android to enable zooming on any page, which can be prevented easily with user-scalable=no in a meta. Because preventing zoom is a bad thing to do and I hope the people who blocked it will squint at their teeny-tiny screens in a special circle in Hell. (Yeah, I’m a measured person.)

But here’s what I found after the update:

Always activate zoom (force pages to let you zoom) setting: activated.

(Yes, I’m one of these people who look at all the preferences after an update to find out more. Which may be one of the reasons why I left Facebook in 2006, hint hint.)

December is going to be more relaxing than I thought.


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