Le Web, ce machin mondial

Sur le site du GEL (Global Experience Language) de la BBC, il y a pas mal de perles, dont un rappel que tout le monde n’a pas un écran de whatmille pouces et un ordiphone haut de gamme.

With a website, and sometimes an app for each language, the online user base is spread globally. With huge differences in culture, behaviour, and technology usage.

For example, in Nigeria mobile data is relatively expensive (around $2 USD for 1GB), whereas in India it’s currently the cheapest in the world - at just $0.26 per 1GB. This can greatly affect how users consume news online, for example how likely they are to watch a video.

Understanding these differences, and how they may impact our designs, is key to building digital products that meet the diverse needs of our 40 million (plus !) weekly users.

A small phone with limited features

A Jio Phone - one of the ‘feature’ phones that makes up a significant percentage of devices used to access BBC World Service websites. We have to design our sites to work on its 240px screen !

Jusque-là je testais à partir de 320 pixels, ce qui est déjà bien, maintenant je vais me remettre à tester à partir de 240 pixels. Merci la BBC !


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