WCAG Samurai Errata for WCAG 1.0

This is very interesting, even commonsense in a way, and someone needed to speak up.

Yet I don’t understand Do not attempt to mark up language changes inside attribute values. Does that mean one can’t use lang attributes other than in span or div? And if so, why?


  • Julien (8 June 2007)

    No, he said "inside attribute values", ie, for example :

    <img src='toto.jpg' alt='mash-up de google et yahoo'/>

    "mash-up", "google", and "yahoo" are in english; "de", "et" are in french.

    The phrase you quote basically says that he doesn’t want to markup language in such values.

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  • Stéphane (9 June 2007, in reply to Julien)

    Ah, I’ll understand english when I’m a grownup ;)

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