Twelve weeks, smile!

A baby in six months’ time, and here are the world’s exclusive first pictures!

The news is dropped on us: “You have made it past the first three months, the risk of spontaneous miscarriage is over.” Which means, for those of you who did not know it yet, that in six months our nights are going to be radically less restful!

But we won’t complain: we wanted it, we got it. And it’s fun, for the moment at least.

Un bras levé, un!

A twelve-week scan is quite extraordinary. Everything in that child is working as it should. Of course some details are different: for instance both auricles communicate with each other, which won’t be the case eventually.

As for the rest, don’t insist, we won’t tell you if it’s boy or girl, as we don’t know yet... although we want to know, if only to manage the layette!


We were astounded by the technical aspect that the photos don’t show. To see a nine-centimeter-long thing move in real time after each of Stephanie’s burst of laughter is fascinating.

We still don’t know if we’re amazed by the scan itself or by how much of the works is already completed!

That’s it. No big words, no literary turns, no big thoughts to be drawn from this article: I just wanted to share the wonder of the moment with you.


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