Sometimes I’m patient, sometimes not. Passivity is the real enemy.

I just read on Medium Five Quotes I Use Every Day:

—”Infinite patience gets you immediate results.”

I get impatient for everything. And then I don’t sleep, and I pace, and I hunger, and I’m left empty.

When I remind myself of that quote I’m no longer empty. I have patience.

If you are going from a state of “I want it now!” to a state of patience then you will feel less anxious about getting “it”, whatever “it” is.

… and thought about how impatient I was when I was younger.

Now? Now I don’t know what I want more than when I was twenty, but I know how to organise myself to get where I want to be, when I know where I want to be.

I’m tired of being too tired at night to do anything else than slouch in front of TV, for instance.

Baby steps. Another word for “patience.”


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