“Interesting, but of no commercial value": The problem with emerging social media tools

There are many people who criticise social media tools because they perceive them as ways to waste time; these criticisms in turn enter the consciousness of large enterprises and form part of enterprise immune systems, ably and effectively shutting out the pioneers who are seeking to derive value from the tools.

(Via Steph)

The other day I had to showcase production usage of Ajax and if possible of interations on social websites. The guy in front of me did not even know Flickr. He was in for a show as he’d thought for a few years that I was a slacker surfing around. Wake up baby, this is tech watch too.

Not to mention the time when I proposed to do an internal tech watch blog and was greeted by a "Oh, for your holiday pictures, why don’t you get a personal page somewhere?" Yeah, right.


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