I almost bought Demon Days

Some brave soul lent me her Gorillaz: Demon Days CD.

It’s good, very good. Although it took me some time to acknowledge it, it’s good. Odin tried to persuade me, but I’m a slow thinker...

Then why won’t I buy it?

It’s copy-controlled. And I hate that. Not because I’m a pseudo-leftist-anarchist, or whatever you deem fit to think I am. But because copy-controlled CDs just won’t be read on my car’s stereo, although they still can, and will, be ripped.

Parlophone, sorry, you almost sold a CD. Parlophone, meet BMG on the list of people who lose money because of badly implemented restrictions.


  • Yves (9 March 2006)


    I have to agree on this. It is a tough matter, though.

    On the one hand, we are given basic rights where copy is concerned, as long as it is for personal usage. On the other hand, people put pressure on the big companies by pirating everything...
    Whatever the truth is, about big companies misbehaving towards their clients (us) and their artists, in the end, a pirated copy is a loss of income for the artist.

    Thus, in a way, it is their role to find ways to protect the artists’ works against piracy.
    However, like you, I can’t stand this.

    My way of keeping out of this dilemna is to:

    • not accept anything that goes against our private copy rights,
    • never get any pirated media or use any pirated software.

    I think, that if we all behaved like this, we would have much more weight when "fighting" those anti-piracy tricks and the abnormaly high prices.
    But then, there are those who can’t afford this way of doing things due to low (or lack of) salary (students...).
    A tough matter, really...


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  • Stéphane (9 March 2006, in reply to Yves)

    I think that if we all behaved like this

    Yeah, but of course we don’t.

    By “we

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