Affiliative is my middle name.

The HSQ divides humor into four main styles: Affiliative, Self-Enhancing, Aggressive, and Self-Defeating. Affiliative humor means cracking jokes, engaging in banter, and otherwise using humor to make others like us. Self-enhancing humor is an optimistic, coping humor, characterized by the ability to laugh at yourself or at the absurdity of a situation and feel better as a result. Aggressive humor is characterized by sarcasm, teasing, criticism, and ridicule. Self-defeating humor is attempting to get others to like us by putting ourselves down. See for yourself which category best describes your own sense of humor (though it’s important to note that the lines between humor styles aren’t hard and fast, however, nor are the categories mutually exclusive — everyone’s individual sense of humor is a unique combination of all four styles).

I took the test, and it seems that I like to make others like me. I already knew I’m the gregarious type, which is not that good, in a buddhist-oriented way of life. But hey, what the hell, you only live ten times or so.


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