Here comes Raphaël!

As of today, Raphaël gurgles, makes little grunting noises, and drinks baby bottles as if he were three days old!

He weighs 3.870 kilos, is 50-centimer tall, and is very, very fine.

His mother did worry us, but she’s OK now. I’ve just had her on the phone (11:00 PM), thanks to the hospital doctors.

And voilà, la vie est belle!

A few pictures

He’s already 20 minutes old!
Listen, kiddo, this logo is
Already lifting up his head!


  • Laurent (28 November 2006)

    Not to sound like a grammar nazi, but the correct wording would have been "... drinks baby bottles as if he WERE three days old".
    I’m sure the scientific law stating that when correcting someone else’s typo (let’s be kind and call it that) one must inevitably make another mistake in one’s post will apply here, but I can’t find the mistake as of yet.

    Oh, and incidentally, kudos for the new brat :)

    Reply to Laurent

  • Stéphane (28 November 2006, in reply to Laurent)

    Hehehe. Yeah, were. Correcting right now.

    Reply to Stéphane

  • anonymous (28 November 2006, in reply to Stéphane)

    Grut Grut Grut

    das ist Wunderbar


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  • Odin (28 November 2006)

    Mummy looks exhausted. Take good care of them, lover boy. And congratulations for this mini-you now among us. I’m so, so happy for you mon ami. A little jealous too...

    Loads of kisses to your evergrowing family.


    Reply to Odin

  • Frédéric (29 November 2006)

    So glad for you guys, congratulations to you and ’specially to the tired mom.

    I have no idea why I’m writing this in English, but it’s just as sincere anyway.

    Welcome Raphaël!

    Your pumping-mate ;-) ,


    Reply to Frédéric

  • anonymous (29 November 2006)

    My turn to try some ugly english, sorry for the mistakes it’s long time since i talk a little this strange langage.

    As it was said, take care of your fantastic wife, and of this beautiful little-you.

    I’m jealous too, i hope to have mine one day, maybe nearly..

    i think there are enough mistakes in this comment, so it is better to stop right now.

    and as it is said, CHEEEEEEEERS.


    Reply to anonymous

  • Stéphane (29 November 2006)

    Thank you all, a glitch in the site forbade to comment on the French article, but now it’s open. Feel free!

    Reply to Stéphane

  • Bill (30 November 2006)


    Nice work on yet another beautiful child. I know you are glad phase 2 is over.

    Good work by good people.

    Our Best, Bill & Laura

    DizCam on the Rockies

    Reply to Bill

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