Friendships and respect

A look at your relationships and how they affect the way your friends’ businesses may suffer from it.

Having been in the Web field for a few years now, I have come to meet a few people, especially after Paris Web and all the conferences I attended.

Among them are people who sell products or services. So when someone asks me for advice about something and what my friends sell is relevant – of course–, I suggest to have a look at their solutions.

Someone recently said: “Oh but I see, you want to promote your friends’ work.”

This was an awkward chicken and egg moment.

I do not promote their work because they are my friends, no; actually it’s the other way around: we became friends because of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work. So, naturally, I advise people to use what they sell because I believe in it for its intrinsic qualities and because I trust these people.

It’s weird how you have to defend yourself unexpectedly, sometimes.


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