Eolas for ever

I worked on a site today, assessing its accessibility, and saw a Flash insertion through Javascript. The script was called EolasFix.js.

They didn’t do much to improve the world but their name will stay. Who would want this kind of posterity?


  • Julien (20 June 2006)

    Je conseille SWFObject, pour faire un truc comme ça :


    Je ne sais pas trop si c’est accessible, mais au moins ça dégrade correctement si un utilisateur n’a pas de JS.

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  • Stéphane (20 June 2006, in reply to Julien)

    It’s not very clean. Inserting JS inside the HTML is what everyone’s trying to avoid these days.

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  • Julien (20 June 2006, in reply to Stéphane)

    Yes, but :

    • Macromedia generates a JavaScript wrapper, and SWFObject is better
    • SWFObject allows to get a unique ID for the flash application, eg DOM work
    • we can assume that someone who’s got Flash also has JavaScript
    • SWFObject degrades beautifully

    Anyway I’ll have to look the "Satay" method more carefully ;)

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