Crazy and mad: purple day

One should never have to go through one’s child’s death.

Children are the most crazy thing that happens in an individual’s life.

Every day you want to yell at them for being too slow, for not doing what you expect, for ripping their trousers knees in mud and stones and gravel. In the grand scheme of things is this really important?

The only important thing is that they are living, breathing.

Every day, you want to cuddle them and protect them from the world, yet knowing you won’t be there for them all their lives and the best you can do is prepare them to be decent, respectful human beings. Without suffering too much harm down the road — even though you know you can’t do much about it except teach them to be philosophical about things they can’t change.

Every day you want to see them smile.

The only important thing is their giggles and laughs that hop, bounce and rebound like a brook of fresh water on pebbles down the side of a green mountain.

Remember the last time you were scared and happy at the same time, almost to the point of getting crazy? For instance when you have to talk in public in front of 200 people, or when you had to act in a school play, or when you got married (yeah, that too)? This is nothing in terms of crazy compared to the joys, anguishes, joys, awful frights, joys, yells, joys, love — it’s everyday for a parent.

A rollercoaster of crazy, children are.

The Meyers will not see their daughter Rebecca get older than six.

Let me quote Matthew Oliphant on Medium:

The next few days, most of you who read this will be seeing a lot of purple. Changing the color of our avatars on social media sites is our black armband. But not black. Purple. Because it was her favorite. You’ll see the hashtag #663399Becca which will collect the well-wishing of thousands should the Meyer Family decide it’s time to click and read.

I’ve got a secret: when I was a little kid, my family almost went mad when my parents lost a boy, two days after his birth. I can’t imagine something that would make me madder with grief than losing a child. Heck, that would make anybody mad.

Today The colour is purple.

All around the world, we’ll be sending #663399Becca hashtags and help the family, albeit a little, by just being there and letting them know we’re there.


  • Nico (12 June 2014)

    Very sad. :-\

    When I knew I had a cancer, the first (and hardest) thing I did was to put in 15 lines all that I had to tell to my dear son (1 year old) and wife, just in case of…

    You can’t imagine how it is difficult to do it.

    So I can’t imagine how it is difficult for them to live something that is far more horrible than this.

    Reply to Nico

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