Yes, it’s a new word.

A few years ago, a person whose name evades me at the moment decided that a good way to improve on one’s skills would be to force oneself to publish one inked drawing per day on social networks. And thus Inktober was born.

I like this idea, and decided that I would do so in November: one blog post a day in English. Also, I’ll try to co-post (is this even a word?) them to Github, so that you can correct my English.

So, blog + November = Blogvember. Figures. See you on the first.


  • Franck (27 October 2017)

    May be will try too, may be 😉

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  • gilda (1 November 2017)

    Let’s have some try !

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  • Vox (25 October 2018)

    I did not who started it or why, but as new bloggers trying to build up our posts and circulation we tried it last year for the first time. It was a mess, but we completed, like, 23 out of the 30 days (which was sort of a success for us). This year, we’re doing it again, but this time I have a plan, editorial calendar, and a theme to steer this ship. (Hopefully, that makes it much easier to get posts up every single day.) But we are upping the challenge this time by planning to produce 3 pieces of content a day; a blog post, a video and a podcast! We will see how this turns out...Cross your fingers... 😀

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