Accepting one’s disability

Growing up with or without a disability is always about accepting what life’s giving you.

[Argh, posting an article a day for only one month was such an achievable aim, and yet yesterday happened too fast for me to post something before midnight. It’s not important anyway, and I’m not into masochism for the sake of a blogging bet – or for any other sake, mind you.]

There is a person called Amy who wrote very accurately:

I have had a mostly happy life in general, but that doesn’t mean I’ve always been happy with myself, my body or disability.


My personal belief is that growing up (especially around the age of puberty) it can be quite difficult to be 100% body confident anyway whether you are disabled or able bodied – many people all around the world can suffer with insecurities.

I’ve posted in the last two years several articles about my two disabilities, and it’s a good way to remind myself and every other person of a few things:

  1. Living with disabilities is hard, but life is hard for many people without any disability.
  2. You’re not defined by a disability, no more than you’re defined by your height or the colour of your hair.
  3. Growing up to love oneself is something of a universal problem-and-resolution kind of thing.

All this is a good reminder that being disabled is as ‘normal’ as having no disability. You just make the most of what you’re given in life.

My daughter’s favourite proverb in English is when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. Here’s to fresh lemon-based beverages.


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