Replying to: Marc Thierry

rule #1: Those english bastards all have a French guy radar... not point in no showing off.
rule #2: "people have lives of their own" <- FALSE english people read tabloids.
rule #3: Take half-pints OF WINE... just helping you showing off. (cf rule #1)
rule #4: Correct, you’d better talk about currency. (Euro or kinda)
rule #5: Go for it! French accent is a key to dirty things in that island...
rule #6: True, don’t go ’BINGOOO’ either.
rule #7: Too bad, Steph, we all know you.
rule #8: Goose, no, for sure! You’re more used to hen.
rule #9: And please, PLEASE, do not (...)

8 June 2005 11:35
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