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IFTTT and RSS: enclosure anyone? (14 September 2016)

Plumbing from one website to a platform is not always so easy as it seems.

Links (8 February 2016)

Click here and there, move and learn from the infinite library; or stay on one platform? I choose the former.

Background and foreground colours: questioning an old rule (18 November 2014)

Is the accessibility rule regarding the necessity to provide foreground and background colours still holding water? Emmanuel asks.

Short, long, middle-length blogging (3 November 2014)

Rapid thoughts, putting my money where my mouth is.

Happy 25th anniversary, World Wide Web (13 March 2014)

In celebration of one of the most important inventions since print.

About CSS and RWD: what about IE-first? (22 July 2013)

This-first and that-first. We’ve chosen a middle way.

Blogs as conversations or as performances? (5 April 2013)

Blogs are less and less conversations these days, danah boyd argues.

Responsive type: contrast (26 September 2012)

We’ve all seen a lot of articles lately about responsive type, but one point is missing: contrast in type.

Firefox rapid-release scheme vs. enterprise processes (8 September 2011)

I know it’s a cheesy title for a post, but I couldn’t find better. In this article I try to explain the possible outcome of the new rapid-release scheme regarding the integration of Firefox in bigger enterprises.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : 20 signs you don’t want that web design project (10 December 2008)

Ha ha. Jeffrey Zeldman issues a list of 20 signs that should tell you you’ll regret having accepted a project. So true. So very true.

Warning sounded on web’s future (22 October 2008)

"Has [the Web] been designed for the executive and the teenager in the modern city with a smart phone in their pocket? If you are in a rural community do you need a different kind of web with (...)

Be Kind to the Color Blind (21 October 2008)

Hi, my name is Chris Campbell and I have a color vision deficiency. Like roughly 7-10% of all males, my deuteranomaly makes it difficult to differentiate between some colors, like red and green. (...)

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : Running woman and madman (5 September 2008)

Even businessmen who dress like they never so much as take a breath without running a spreadsheet first can’t help turning back to get a second look. This is a magnificent phrase in a very (...)

Photographer quote (1 September 2008)

If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument. -eve arnold And good pictures (...)

The Framework Age (21 August 2008)

These days we’re designing frameworks for user interaction rather than static artefacts. Clever observation.

Web applications: Why is there Air? (20 August 2008)

Air, Flex and Silverlight are "back to the future" approaches for Rich Internet Applications that would have us believe that the future of the web lies in a proprietary animation engine (Flash) (...)

Derek Powazek on Permanence and Scars of Choice (11 July 2008)

We all have tattoos already, of course. They’re our stories, our mental scars. The things we carry around with us, just under the surface. Your first breakup is always there, just around the (...)

On “antiquated” WCAG rules (10 July 2008)

[O]ne more reason for being judicious in the use of JavaScript - I am predicting that within 3 years 35%+ of all "web" traffic here on campus will be consumed by mobile/hand-held devices, so I (...)

Why I Still Use Windows Despite the Peer Pressure (1 July 2008)

I just read this “I still use Windows” statement. It hasn’t always been pretty (see: Windows ME), but through it all I’ve figured out every little trick there is to know about running Windows. I’m a (...)

BBC Rejects hCalendar Microformat Because Of Accessibility Concerns (25 June 2008)

The BBC have announced that they’ll be removing hCalendar microformats from their online programme listings, because of the accessibility issues with the ABBR design pattern. Oh how I’ve longed (...)

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