• WCAG Samurai Errata for WCAG 1.0 (8 June 2007)

    This is very interesting, even commonsense in a way, and someone needed to speak up.
    Yet I don’t understand Do not attempt to mark up language changes inside attribute values. Does that mean one can’t use lang attributes other than in span or div? And if so, why?

  • JavaScript 1.8 Progress (1 June 2007)

    Not for the faint of heart. I’m not sure I like the way it’s heading. I do like the readable quality of Javascript. (via Julien)

  • Calendar:Device Sync (22 May 2007)

    I want to help! I’m sick with being stuck with Outlook at work and nothing comparable at home, I want to be able to sync my Sony Ericsson 810i with Sunbird on both computers.
    Does anyone know how one can help this project? I want to be a beta tester!

  • And now, a quote by Matthew Pennell (17 May 2007)

    Our community, like no other I know, is built on altruism. All too true, all too true. The web community is about sharing.

  • The Real Story of JPG Magazine (15 May 2007)

    That’s sad. (Via Philippe)

  • Body Ritual among the Nacirema (9 May 2007)

    I’ve searched for a long time for this text online. Yay! This is a sociological must-read.

  • France’s radical turn to the right (6 May 2007)

    My take on France’s new President. Sunday, May 6th. A new era, a police state?

  • Stephanie Booth - Challenges in Multilingual Blogging (2 May 2007)

    You need 45 free minutes, but I like this speech. It gives me insight on questions I’ve been asking myself about my site. (Steph’s transcript)

  • A List Apart: Contrast and Meaning (24 April 2007)

    Yet another must-read article on A List Apart. Learn the basics of contrasting content and how this conveys meaning.

  • Lame excuses for not being a Web professional (18 April 2007)

    Quick note to remind myself that I have to read this article more closely when I get the time. Thanks Roger Johansson for the compendium. —EDIT: I read it and found myself nodding in agreement.

  • Love is selfless caring (23 March 2007)

    I found the following in Paul Auster’s Travels in the Scriptorium and hope he won’t mind me quoting verbatim: An old man wonders why a beautiful woman would go to all the trouble of taking care of him.
    Why are you so kind to me, he asks.
    Because I love you, Anna says. It’s that simple.
    Yes, it’s that simple. Sometimes when one wonders how people can put up with one’s whims, one will have to remember that.

  • A possible solution for cluttered computer desktops (23 March 2007)

    I’ll look into this solution: BumpTop 3D. It tries to give a usable but realistic-feeling desktop metaphor (Via who? I can’t remember)

  • DOS Shell script to rename multiple files in one line (15 March 2007)

    I needed to prefix a long list of files with a number, so I looked around and did not find much info, so I thought it might be useful for someone if I post it here (yes, some of us are still using Windows).
    Here is how to prefix files:
    for %i in (*.*) do (ren "%i" "prefix %i")
    And here is how to prefix folders:
    for /D %i in (*.*) do (ren "%i" "prefix %i")
    The whole For syntax is explained on Microsoft’s web site: For in batch files.

  • Seven Steps to Better Presentations, by Jeffrey Veen (8 March 2007)

    One of the most valuable set of tips about presentations: this is what I want to be able to do naturally! (Via Make Me a Speaker)

  • YouTube - Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us (8 March 2007)

    Very nice-looking video. I guess there are many things missing. For instance it’s a bit on the optimistic side and it doesn’t go too deep into the technology. But as a performance it’s nice!

  • JPG Magazine! (23 February 2007)

    I’ve just received issues 7 and 8 of JPG Magazine, and boy am I happy.
    Wow, oh wow, oh wow.
    I took the magazines to the throne —yes, call it personal narrative to its finest— thinking I’d spend a few minutes browsing through pages of pictures.
    And I ended up spending half an hour reading inspirational articles. Once again Derek and Heather Powazek impress me. Sure there are hype things that I will read with one eye (Holga and Lens babies for instance), but the majority of the content (...)

  • Many htaccess Examples (14 February 2007)

    A slew of Apache rules well worth the read, even if the style is dry.

  • Managing user errors (2 February 2007)

    Never leave the user dumbfounded, always use errors in a creative way. Yay! My personal model for 404 errors, for instance, is Dunstan Orchard’s “Not found” page.

  • Gmail server error (25 January 2007)

    Wow, that’s the first time I see that.
    Another reason to stay wary of something that’s been live for two years with a “BETA” in its logo.

  • Colour combinations (23 January 2007)

    Second Mark Boulton link the same day: like everybody, I always suffer when it’s time to choose colours for a design, so colour references are always a good thing.