One article per day, to see if I can keep it up for one month. For the fun of it. See Blogvember for more details.

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  • Plane oil (8 November 2017)

    Less fuel consumed on a plane than on a car? How weird.

  • Photographic glossary (7 November 2017)

    Every time I encounter terms like DSLR and APS-C I wonder what they mean, so this time I’ll write it down for good.

  • X-Men: a mirror to society (6 November 2017)

    I’ve said for a long time to whoever listened that in the super-hero market, X-Men had a very special place as a thinly veiled reflection on the American society.

  • Boxes of books (5 November 2017)

    I ended up with too many boxes to fit into my flat. Going from a two-story house to a flat does that.

  • Digital legacy, so far (4 November 2017)

    I was piqued a few years ago by David’s digital legacy article and Karl’s answer and thought about it quite a lot.

  • Meaningful time (3 November 2017)

    I’m a huge “doing nothing” kind of guy, as my entourage can testify.

  • AMP, and why I don’t like it (2 November 2017)

    Google is trying to confiscate the Web with AMP, exactly like Facebook’s Instant articles.

  • Symbols of capitalism (1 November 2017)

    Campbell soup cans and Heinz red bottles are quite as solid symbols of capitalism as the Coca Cola bottle.

  • Blogvember (27 October 2017)

    Yes, it’s a new word.

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