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Web Design Not Sexy Anymore?

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Published on 19 May 2004

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D. Keith Robinson rants about the idea that being a web designer is not as sexy as it once was.

Are we getting old and grumpy or what?

Here’s what I posted to his blog:

I worked in one of those startup dotcoms. Heck yeah it was sexy. Every single day was an adventure in itself. People would ask you in the morning for something you didn’t know how to do it, and by the evening it was up and running. Mad times, but yeah, you’re right: that was sexy.

Actually right now I’m doing sexy things. The whole list you mentioned is still sexy (accessibility, standards, etc), although in a more geeky way perhaps, and it’s true that geeky is less sexy in other people’s eyes as what was a lot of show-off back in the old days. Maybe I’m over-enthusiastic, but I still get lot of excitation in all that, five years down the road.

We’re *still* reinventing our jobs. Look at what you did two years ago. You’re still improving, and quite often you still feel like a newbie.

That’s my definition of fun and sexy jobs anyway. And I don’t care that I’m not as sexy as we once were in other people’s eyes. The job is still sexy smile

There’s a simple conclusion I came up with this morning: at least we’ve got very interesting jobs. It’s more than most people can expect of their jobs. I’m not complaining smile


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