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Patience (15 August 2014)

Sometimes I’m patient, sometimes not. Passivity is the real enemy.

Crazy and mad: purple day (12 June 2014)

One should never have to go through one’s child’s death.

Children, gender, and toys (15 April 2014)

Gender ethology: a dad and two kids. Prejudice 101.

Writing in the digital age (27 February 2012)

My comment on Deploy, an article by Mandy Brown: all of us, writers?

Self loathing for Sumo (15 October 2008)

I was contacted a while back by the people who make Sumo chairs asking if I wanted an Omni. All I had to do in return was blog about it. Jeremy Keith reports on the Sumo Omni. How come us (...)

The Ingenuity of Unintended Uses (22 January 2008)

No matter how hard we try to create designs for certain uses, people will always utilize them in their own way. These unintended uses can be strange, even brilliant. In the end, you have to tip (...)

Blurred photos are not necessarily bad (16 January 2008)

There’s still a deep-rooted idea that blurred photos have to be thrown away. I beg to differ.

Shift in discourse: the net is not geeky anymore (9 January 2008)

I heard two girls in the street, one of which was saying “I sent you a ‘happy new year’ message on MSN.” I couldn’t keep from thinking that ten years ago she’d have said “on IRC”. As the internet (...)

Why Being Creative Is Good (7 January 2008)

To create is to potentially embarrass oneself in front of others. It is about the courage to be oneself and to be seen as oneself. Here’s to being creative in (...)

Pearls Before Breakfast - (17 December 2007)

Art without a frame: can people still know what they’re presented with? A very thorough and interesting study of the behaviour of people. Long but worthwhile reading. (Via Stopdesign, last April. (...)

Body Ritual among the Nacirema (9 May 2007)

I’ve searched for a long time for this text online. Yay! This is a sociological must-read.

France’s radical turn to the right (6 May 2007)

My take on France’s new President. Sunday, May 6th. A new era, a police state?

Love is selfless caring (23 March 2007)

I found the following in Paul Auster’s Travels in the Scriptorium and hope he won’t mind me quoting verbatim: An old man wonders why a beautiful woman would go to all the trouble of taking care of (...)

DOS Shell script to rename multiple files in one line (15 March 2007)

I needed to prefix a long list of files with a number, so I looked around and did not find much info, so I thought it might be useful for someone if I post it here (yes, some of us are still (...)

JPG Magazine! (23 February 2007)

I’ve just received issues 7 and 8 of JPG Magazine, and boy am I happy. Wow, oh wow, oh wow. I took the magazines to the throne —yes, call it personal narrative to its finest— thinking I’d spend a (...)

iPhone: Not touchy feely (17 January 2007)

We’ve thought for so many years that tactile feedback was necessary. Very good point from 37signals, to follow because it is interesting: with no touch feedback, how will interfaces evolve? Will (...)

I almost bought Demon Days (8 March 2006)

Some brave soul lent me her Gorillaz: Demon Days CD. It’s good, very good. Although it took me some time to acknowledge it, it’s good. Odin tried to persuade me, but I’m a slow thinker... Then why (...)

Coal combustion more harmful than the nuclear? (9 January 2006)

According to a seemingly serious article by Alex Gabbard, coal combustion produces more radioactivity than nuclear power. Americans living near coal-fired power plants are exposed to higher (...)

Tori Amos in Paris in June and I’m not going. (27 April 2005)

Tori Amos will be in Paris in June. Oh yes, I should be pleased that the diva comes to France. In a way, I am. Yet of all concert halls she chose the Zenith. My gosh. I saw her the last time (...)

Computer age (and time) (17 August 2004)

I’ve just finished Marshall McLuhan’s Book of Probes and among many fascinating points, there was this one which sticks very well to our internet times: With the computer we all move out of the (...)

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