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Life stories

Some glimpses into my life. You’ll get bored.

Are you an artist? (21 October 2008)

"Are you an artist?" He looked at me, straight in the face. "No," I said. I was surprised at how fast that answer came out. But when I took the chalk in my hand and started drawing a vine, I (...)

This jetsetting life (9 October 2008)

[S]ometimes I actually just sit at home and work, make bread, and cook while I wait for Eva to come home. Those are the good weeks. I can relate to what Chaals says about always travelling for (...)

Criminal (is when you stop caring) (26 June 2008)

I bought a t-shirt from the Fray shop, a lifetime ago. My daughter deciphered it this morning.

Busted (8 May 2008)

My contribution to Fray’s issue #1, Busted. Of course it was rejected, but I thought I might as well share it here.

Heading East: Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently (11 April 2008)

We’re all telling lies to our kids. Sometimes because we can’t tell the truth, sometimes for fun. I just stumbled upon Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently. I had never thought “I’ll always be (...)

Fray: Busted! (26 September 2007)

The Fray is back. It feels good to read about the new plan. Good luck Derek!

Here comes Raphaël! (27 November 2006)

As of today, Raphaël gurgles, makes little grunting noises, and drinks baby bottles as if he were three days old! He weighs 3.870 kilos, is 50-centimer tall, and is very, very fine. His mother (...)

Creativity: Find the flaw (20 October 2006)

Here’s my little contribution to Molly’s Creativity Jam Session. My office is my living room, so I just got up from my computer, turned around with my eyes closed, opened them and looked for a flaw in the range of my vision. And there were the CDs right in front of me.

Hi, Mom! (18 October 2006)

I’m catching up on my reading. Jeffrey Zeldman draws the little, frightened boy out of any grown-up guy. I didn’t know he could do that. I’m shaken and empathic.

Selling Clients on Web Standards (8 September 2006)

I just stumbled upon this old article at ALA. Most newer browsers are approaching full Standards Compliance. Ahh, those were hopeful times. Yet on the whole Greg Kise’s arguments still hold their (...)

The Kid Always Gets the Last Word (4 September 2006)

He he he, that’s all too true: kids have a way of being off-topic completely when you think you’ve made a point. And you love them for exactly that! (well, not for just that, but it does count in (...)

Indoor landscape (10 October 2005)

I’ve been tinkering with my two boxes at work during lunchtime. Call me a geek.

I’m a supervisor! (12 September 2005)

BBC Science says I am a supervisor. Yeah, that’s not entirely untrue. Via Chris

Ten things to keep in mind while in London (8 June 2005)

Tonight I’ll be in London, and tomorrow it’s atmedia 2005. I can’t wait. But knowing myself as I do, here are ten rules I know I should abide to when I get there: Don’t show off as a French guy in (...)

There’s a new kid in town! (29 August 2004)

Little lady Camille opened her eyes to the world this very Sunday. Here are some celebration pictures.

Bad day, so what? (22 March 2004)

Zach is right: you shouldn’t take on whoever’s around you in the office because you’re having a bad time. If it’s not their fault, don’t blame them for anything. That was my five minutes wiseness of (...)

Twelve weeks, smile! (24 February 2004)

A baby in six months’ time, and here are the world’s exclusive first pictures!

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